Thought Catalogue & Brianna Wiest

It's been a busy old time in the studio working on lots of top secret projects, however I'm really excited to share with you some new work which I have created for Brianna Wiest's book, The Truth About Everything

I was commissioned to create the new cover for the books re-release, published through Thought Catalogue

"Life is an uncertain morphing of the beautiful and devastating, the reckless and ordained, the inconsequential and cataclysmal. In this first compilation of her work, Brianna Wiest writes about her own experiences uncovering the life's greatest truths. The selected pieces are ones you'll turn to when you are in need of answers, comfort or a little tough love. Brianna writes from a place of solace and understanding, as "The Truth About Everything" asks you to challenge what you thought to be true, take the spiritual journey, and come out on the other end with your own story to tell."

You can pre-order Brianna's novel through Thought Catalogue, or purchase earlier copies of the book through Amazon

Deborah x