Nottingham Etsy Craft Party (Photos + Video)


Last month saw the Nottingham Etsy team's busiest meet up as we hosted a tie-dye event for the annual Etsy Craft Party

On a rare and beautifully sunny day in Beeston, our team members came to fold, clamp, peg and tie their belongings to make beautiful tie-dye creations! With 4 different tie-dye colours to choose from, we dyed everything from pretty dresses to bed sheets, t-shirts to trainers! 

It was incredible seeing everyones creations unfold, with so much imagination used in each piece! 

A huge thanks goes out to all of our members who came along, as well as the other fellow Nottingham Etsy team leaders Rachel Ward, Becky Kennedy, Michaela Bere, Katherine Jaiteh and Amy Phipps of which the event wouldn't have been possible! 

Special thanks as well to Daniel Hughes for photographing the event, and Avnish Panesar for creating an amazing promo video which you can watch below. 

Our next team event is next week on the 14th July, and will be a two part seminar on how to create a blog for your craft business! It will be hosted by blogger Mike Aspinall of The Crafty Gentleman and held at Rough Trade on Broad Street, Nottingham. 

If you would like to book, tickets are available through our Facebook Event page but are limited so be sure to book in advance. 

Deborah x