Shell Bracelet Temporary Tattoo

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DB-Illustrations-Cleethorpes-004-1096 small.jpg
DB-Illustrations-Cleethorpes-088-7349 small.jpg

Shell Bracelet Temporary Tattoo


Illustrated temporary tattoo bracelet inspired by the life of mermaids, digitally printed on waterslide temporary tattoo paper. 

My Mermaid bracelet can be cut down to perfectly fit your wrist, whatever size. Printed on an A6 sheet each pack fits neatly into a letter sized envelope.

Before becoming temporary tattoos, these designs began life in my studio as 0.3 mm mechanical pencil illustrations. Printed on medical grade adhesive with specialist inks, my fake tattoos are novel, fun and addictive. Start with one, then add them all! 

My tattoos are printed with non-toxic ink and are are safe for children 5 years + 
Instructions do come included, but for your reference please see below instructions: 

1. Pick a smooth, clean and dry area
2. Remove the transparent film and place face down on your skin
3. Wet the whole of the backing paper with a damp cloth and wait for 20 seconds
4. Carefully slide the backing paper away to reveal your new tattoo!

Care instructions:
1. Your new tattoo should last approximately 2-5 days depending on area of application.
2. Tattoos are waterproof
3. To remove early use baby oil or alcohol
4. Avoid contact with eyes
5. Do not apply to broken or sensitive skin

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