Let's keep making mistakes!

It's been one year since I proclaimed from the rooftops (well, my Tumblr page) that I was going to stop working on my business and to instead pursue designing and illustrating full time.

Reading through this post (which for some reason makes me cringe and want to delete it forever from the eyes of the internet) I can recall so vividly how burnt out, tired and quite dejected I was feeling about the whole thing. The 'tipping point' part of that whole post was true - something needed to change in order to for me to change how I felt.  

12 months on, what can I tell you?

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Kimono Commission

I hope you are all suitable stuffed with Easter chocolate and enjoying your long Bank Holiday weekend!

The greatest thing about what I do for a living is that I know that my next project will always be different from the last. For the past few weeks I've been working on a lovely little commission for a dear family friend. She spotted my Crane, Swallow, Frog pattern printed on a satin sample and instantly fell in love, asking me to cut and sew it into a Kimono. 

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