Halloween Dreams


My favourite season is almost upon us, which has got me very excited to release something new into my shop; my Spiritual Alchemy Chiffon Scarf.

My mum was actually the inspiration behind creating these luxury scarves. She’s an amazing seamstress and she really wanted to help bring my illustrations to life in scarf format. When I told her that I was desperate to get this all seeing eye design onto something, she only went and found the most gorgeous black lace to edge it. I mean seriously, she gets me.

So I am very proud to show off these beautiful chiffon scarves, designed by myself and made by my beautiful mum in her countryside sewing room.

If you’re not big into costumes for Halloween (that’s me) but love living the darker side of life (yep, still me!) then these scarves will be the perfect accessory to throw on for a trip to the pub on All Hallows Eve.

And if you don’t fancy going so bold with pattern, I have smaller products that also feature this design plus other spooky illustrations.

All Seeing Eye Pocket Mirror

A little bit of mysticism for your handbag.

A6 mini sketchbooks

available in 5 designs including my Spiritual Alchemy print, Bones and Bats.

Wishing you all a happy Autumn guys and ghouls!