New Kitty Pattern!

Back in December 2015 I decided that it was long overdue to draw up a cat pattern! I find cats have such individual personalities that it seemed so wrong to just draw from getty reference images - so I did an international call out on my Instagram to which I had an unprecedented influx of tags as people sent me photos of their gorgeous kitties! 

Roll forward to January 2016 and I am so pleased to say that the kitty pattern is now finished, named Le Chat Toile de Jouy for all it's Frenchy vibes. I wish I could have included all the wonderful and beautiful cats that were sent my way, you should have seen them! 

I'm so extremely pleased with how this design turned out, and now it is available in my online shops! 

Purchase tees, leggings, mugs, shower curtains and even duvet covers with my kitty pattern through Society6

Le Chat Toile de Jouy is also available as a downloadable art print in my Etsy shop! Simply purchase, download, print and frame! 

This design is also coming soon to my Spoonflower page where you will able to purchase it on fabric and wallpaper. 

As always, I love to hear feedback! What do you think of my latest pattern? Is there a particular animal you would like to see illustrated next? 

Deborah x